Open Your Own Champion Account & Join The League Of Legends!!

The TradeFCM  Champion Account Program is designed for all New clients and Existing IB’s of TradeFCM. 
Seize your chance and avail a hattrick of trading benefits – 200% margin bonus on all deposits above $5000, impressive rebates on your trades, and a chance to win pool money – Every Month!

Open new Champion Account on TradeFCM

Open a new account under FCM 
“Champion Account Type”

Get 200% Margin Bonus on all deposits above $5000

Instant $2 per lot on every trades, traded in a month

Contribution of $2 for Trader’s Pool Money and 
$1 for IB’s Pool Money

Top 3 traders win entire pool money – EVERY MONTH!

Every lots contributes $1 to the IB Pool Money

Introduce as many new clients as you can

Instant direct benefit of $5 per lot traded
by your clients

3 Top performing IB’s with the highest lots win the entire
pool money – EVERY MONTH!

Become a Champion

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